Slime Rancher is Headed to PS4

Slime Rancher is very much exactly what it sounds like. Players take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau, who inherits the ranch of Hobson Twillgers, a renowned rancher. So it’s a new adventure for Beatrix as she embarks on a daring venture to capture slimes, use them to raise money, upgrade equipment, and discover more and more secrets hidden away on the planet. The vacuum gun plays the primary role in foraging and exploring the land. But players must also collect different slimes, feed them by raising crops and gathering resources. Likewise, crafting’s a big part of this for using resources to craft gadgets and decorations. Otherwise, it’s all adventure, find secrets, and dominating the market. Now, PS4 players also get in on the venture.

See the port trailer below. Slime Rancher is already rocking it on PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One but is now also headed to PlayStation 4 in September.