Spring Blossom Fest Now Live in Monster Hunter: World

The beauty of spring is upon us in the northern hemisphere and it seems Monster Hunter is ready to celebrate with a brand new event festival of its own. The spring blossom fest is a timed event running until April 19 with tons of new goods for players to get and experience. The entirety of the gathering hall has been redecorated and the chefs are cooking up special meals for hunters, while new dances and emotes are available for hunters to use. Players can go on special hunts in order to obtain new armor sets both for themselves and their trusty felyne companion.

Those who are hunting into the night will be able to see fireworks going off and celebrate as they decorate the sky. Perhaps best of all, every single previously-released event quest is now available during the spring blossom festival so any players who might have missed one previous now have a second chance to take on the challenge.

Check out the teaser for the spring blossom fest below: