Review: Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset

The most important aspect of competitive gaming, besides being good, is communication. The second most important thing is being aware of your surroundings. To accomplish this, players need top notch headsets that feature pristine sound. Logitech has launched its Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset designed in collaboration with the world’s top gaming professionals. The goal was to bring advanced technology and comfort at a reasonable price and the PRO looks to be able to do just that. Retailing at $89.99, players can grab a headset that is built for extensive gaming that features the tools that are needed to succeed whether it be on PC or console.

Aesthetically speaking, the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset looks and feels simple yet fantastic. The headset features TR90 nylon in the headband with extensions made of stainless steel. This means players will not be able to break the connectors. A plush leatherette head protector lines the inside of the headset bar. While it lacks anything flashy such as RGB lighting or customizable pieces, the goal is to provide the technology at a reasonable price. At a retail price of $89.99, it provides the punch that is needed to be competitive. The headset also includes a softer ear cup but it was difficult to try and replace these. Having to line up bendable plastic to a groove felt like I would rip something. The headset also includes a removable microphone and two auxiliary cables that offered good length and flexibility. The headset does not use USB. The entire headset is extremely lightweight and durable.

The Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset implements the Pro-G Drivers for premiere sound. The speakers are made of a hybrid-mesh to solve common distortion problems and deliver excellent clarity. This combines with Windows 10 surround sound features such as Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for positional audio, allowing players to be better aware of their surroundings whether it be gunfire or footsteps. The ear cups will fit any ear comfortably as the cup is wrapped with a leatherette ear pad. This soft foam padding provides comfort and helps reduce sound from the environment. What I found is that the sound through the speakers remains clear and loud but I still hear my outside environment. This could be an issue in a gaming environment, but the outside sound does not drain out what is coming through the speakers. This could amount to a focus issue for the player.

The removable microphone includes a pro-grade condenser for crystal clear communication. In testing the microphone, the sound was precise and clear. Other players could understand me and recording my voice allowed for excellent quality in playback. I am not one that likes hearing my own voice, but it sounds overwhelming crisp in execution coming from this microphone. This is accomplished by lowering signal to noise ratio and having higher sensitivity. It did not pick up on any background noise, which helps to make up for getting background sound with the speakers on. Your team needs to hear direct communication as clean as it can be and the PRO headset does just that.

Comfort is the other name of the game as long gaming sessions and lead to ear exhaustion. Feeling every bit of bass and blaring noise leads to issues down the road. In comparison, the Thrustmaster Ghost Recon headset retails for about $149.99 while the Logitech G PRO Headset only goes for $89.99. The Thrustmaster does a better job of keeping out background noise, but ultimately lacks in the voice clarity department. The Logitech G PRO Headset gets the vocal clarity perfectly correct as the audio from other team members even comes across crystal clear. This headset may lack the flash of a pricier headset, but delivers on mostly everything it sets out to do for the price.

Closing Comments:

Launching the PRO headset for $89.99 makes it accessible for anyone getting into competitive gaming. The only technological aspect it misses out on is blocking out background noise, but this could be due to the large size of the ear cup. The vocal clarity from the microphone is the best I’ve encountered on a headset, while the audio through the Pro-G Drivers is precise. While lacking any type of flashy colors or customization options, the physical headset is still nice to look at all while adding comfort for longevity purposes. For console purposes, the price rivals Sony’s headsets and accomplishes more on the technical side if you can handle a wired setup. Plenty of professional gamers have agreed that this headset is just what they needed.