Extinction Has Arrived

Modus’s game about single-handedly taking down giant monsters launches today. Extinction puts players in the shoes of  Avil, the last of the Sentinels. He stands alone against an army of giant ogre-like creatures known as the Ravenii, and if he falls, then humanity falls with him.

Extinction features a single-player campaign that tells the tale of Avil and his struggles against the Ravenii. Alongside it story mode, the game also offers “Extinction Mode” and “Skirmish Mode.” Extinction mode  pits players against an endless horde of ogres, while Skirmish allows players to create their own challenge and post them online for others to complete.

Extinction is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For those wondering if it’s worth picking up, just take a quick look at our review and get the full story.