Masters of Anima Now Available With Launch Trailer

Otto is an apprentice of Anima, capable of wielding the life source of the world. But to marry Ana, his fiancée, Otto actually needs to become a master…. of Anima. This being a video game where people fight and wield magic, Ana is captured by the evil Zahr and his Golems. Needless to say, if Otto wants to marry his beloved, he’ll need to save the world of Spark while he’s at it. Players must think tactically with this one, acquiring new abilities for Otto and his Guardians as they progress. Since each has their own capabilities for both traversal and battle, knowing what to use and when will determine just how good a tactician Otto is and if he’s really ready to be a master. Otto has many Guardians against Zahr and his few but powerful Golems, so players must drive a small army to take down giants.

See the launch trailer for Masters of Anima below. Masters of Anima is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.