Yakuza 6 Hostess Guide: Sora

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The fifth and final hostess you’re able to interact with is Sora. This foreign beauty is from Taiwan, but she moved to Japan and fell in love with their culture, specifically manga, anime and games. She even lovees to cosplay whenever she can. She is definitely a unique hostess to talk with.

The values are based on the number of hearts that pop up. There’s either none, four or six. Anytime you see the → icon, it indicates that a conversation has a multi-choice response. These are basically guaranteed to give you at least a positive response, if not great. Sora is the only hostess with an additional tier of responses for one of the cards. There aren’t any responses that will lower your rating, but there are plenty that will raise it, and based on the style multiplier you have going, you could rack up huge points. Please note, though, that some of the +6 choices are NOT guaranteed, sometimes being +0 or +4, at least outside of multi-tiered responses. Other than that, everything will give you what they’re valued below.

Card Value
An outdoors date is best. +4
Any plans to get married? +4
Anything interesting happen lately?
 → That’s pretty good. +4
 → That was dangerous. +0
Aren’t dangerous men attractive? +0
Can I touch you? +4
Do you cook? +4
Do you have any special skills?
 → Maybe don’t do that. +0
 → Who let the horse in? +4
Do you have a boyfriend? +6
Do you have many friends? +4
Do you play video games?
 → Games are terrible romance references. +0
 → Games are great romance references. +4
 → That’s cute. +6
Do you prefer older or younger?
 → Heh. Thanks. +6
 → What about that “old” smell. +0
 → You’re pretty sexy yourself. +4
Ever heard of Haruka Sawamura? +0
Ever heard of Pocket Circuit? +0
Ever heard of the Tojo Clan? +0
Fishing is pretty hard, actually. +4
Got Any Hobbies? +4
Have we met before? +0
Have you been doing this long? +0
Hello. +4
How do you act when you’re in love?
 → That some kind of cookie? +0
 → Is that related to sokubaku? +4
 → I prefer … Kazumakki. +0
How do you spend your days off? +0
How many guys have you slept with? +0
I don’t really like noisy places. +4
I don’t warm up to people easily. +4
I had this friend who’s gone now… +4
I have a secret to tell you
 → I used to be a taxi driver. +4
 → I’m from Taiwan myself. +4
 → I’m totally broke. +0
I love you… +0
I prefer high-end restaurants for dates. +0
I wrecked a convenience store… +0
I’ll say “Beautiful Eyes” … in English.
 → [Beautiful Eyes…] +4
 → [Perfect nose…] +4
 → [Marvelous mouth…] +6
I’ll tell you about Akiyama. +4
I’ll tell you about Daigo. +4
I’ll tell you about Date-san. +4
I’ll tell you about Majima-san. +4
I’ll tell you about Onomichi. +4
I’ll tell you about Saejima. +0
I’m a target of several factions. +4
I’m good with babies. +4
I’m hitting the gym a lot now. +4
I’m not aggressive for love. +0
I’ve committed sins in my time… +4
If you fall for me, you’ll only get burned. +0
Is there anyone you like? +0
Know any good restaurants? +4
Let’s play the king game! I’m the king! +0
Make miso soup for me. +0
People pick fights with me a lot. +0
Play any sports in school? +4
Pretty cold lately… +4
Relaxing at home is the best date. +4
Such incredible beauty… +4
This is a nice club. +4
Today’s been fun. +4
Wash my underwear!
 → Boxers +0
 → A Fundoshi. +6
 → I prefer a leaf. +0
Want to guess my age?
 → Never stop loving. +6
 → Fight every day. +0
 → It’s basically just collagen. +0
Want to hear about my adventures?
 → I’ve been shot before. +0
 → I’ve fought in an arena. +0
 → I’m amazing at karaoke. +4
What about men who cheat? +0
What color are your panties?
 → White. +4
 → Black. +0
 → Commando. +0
What do you sing at karaoke? +4
What do you think of me? +6
What do you think of Tattoos +0
What do you want most right now? +6
What got you into this job?
 → It’s working. +6
 → You should try pro wrestling. +0
 → How tall are you? +0
What kind of music do you listen to? +4
What was your first love like? +4
What was your first time like? +0
What were your dreams as a kid?
 → You were an awkward kid, huh? +0
 → Never give up on your dreams. +4
 → That’s cute. +6
What’s a true friend to you? +0
What’s your blood type. +4
What’s your dream for the future? +4
What’s your favorite food? +4
What’s your fetish? +4
What’s your take on alcohol? +0
What’s your type? +4
Where are you from?
 → That food’s great. +4
 → It’s up and coming. +4
 → The girls are cute there.
 → → Of course. +6
 → → No way. +0
 → → Who can say? +0
Yahoo! +0
You know any of THOSE spots? +4
You make my drink taste better. +4
You should only have eyes for me. +4
You’re as cute as always today. +4
You’ve got a great figure! +4
Young people are terrible these days. +4
Your makeup looks nice. +6