Glover Might See A Comeback Soon

Recently, a supposed Germany-based developer going by the handle “GMS_GER” popped up on Twitter stating that they were working on bringing the unreleased sequel to 1998’s Glover to the Nintendo Switch. The developer claimed to be in the process of acquiring the rights to the Glover IP from Atari, but it seems this was not actually the case.

The actual owners of the IP, Piko Interactive joined the conversation on Twitter today and clarified that they are in fact the current rights holders after purchasing them from Atari SA. They stated that they sent an inquiry email to the german developer to learn more about their involvement with the IP, but did not mention receiving a response. The german developer has since deleted their Twitter account.

As for Piko Interactive’s intentions for Glover, they’ve stated that they’re looking into starting a Kickstarter for Glover 2 and that they would also like to re-release the original Glover on Steam.

Glover might not be the first retro property gamers would want to see brought forward into the modern age, but it is a cult classic of sorts. That in and of itself might be enough of a reason for the living glove to return.