Platinum Games Announces World of Demons

Platinum Games announced today that it will be bringing its trademark brand of crisp, sometimes over-the-top action to mobile devices this summer with World of Demons. The game takes place in a version of medieval Japan that has been taken over by Oni (demons) and who use both their power and corrupted Yokai (creatures from Japanese folklore) to oppress the human world. It’s up to the brave and powerful samurai to standing up to this threat and save their homeland.

Gamers familiar with Okami should recognize the art-style and music almost immediately, as they’re more or less the same. This shouldn’t be too surprising though, since Platinum Games was basically born from the remnants of Okami’s developer, the long since defunct Clover Studios.

According to the announcement trailer and the World of Demons website, the game will offer players fast-paced combat involving swordplay, Yokai minions and multiple samurai to choose from. Players can upgrade their equipment and minions as they progress through the story, and then pit their minions against those of other players in a “Yokai Showdown” competitive mode. They’ll also be able to party up with other players to take on the game’s most powerful enemies and bosses.

World of Demons will launch for iOS devices in this summer with Android support to come at a later date.