Fortnite Players Destroy Tilted Towers to Honor its Death

One of the weirdest, most unique communal events took place in Fortnite last night as a group of players dropped at Tilted Towers and destroyed the entire city. The whole thing. And after, they danced.

The coordinator of this ridiculous demolition was Reddit user xsqoof, who posted on the Fortnite subreddit asking for help with his project. “Today, at 6:00 PM EST we will all queue up at the same time into solos, and land at Tilted Towers to honor it’s greatness by destroying every single structure in the city. Every tree, every building, every car. Once everything is gone, we all have a massive dance party to pay respects to the city. Be there, to honor this soon-to be fallen location by standing united and in harmony.”

The whole thing went swimmingly, with only a few grievers who tried to foil their plans. Afterward, xsqoof posted again thanking everyone for their help. “Thank you all so much for taking your time to participate in the Wake Ceremony,” wrote xsqoof. “I’m glad to have moved the community in such a way and to have coordinated this entire event because it blew up and I really wasn’t expecting it to.”

Players have been predicting the destruction the popular drop site, Tilted Towers, since March. This is due to the arrival of an incoming meteor and some weird controller vibrations that have hinted at what this all means. One redactor, vigilancefoetracer, transcribed the vibrations via morse code to read, “SOS D 5 418.” The thread has come to the conclusion that the “D 5” portion of the message is for the D5 coordinates of Tilted Towers. They also thought that “418” meant Tilted would be destroyed on April 18, and that didn’t happen, so who knows.