Evil Shift Controllers Now Totally Customizable

A few months ago Hardcore Gamer took a look at the Evil Shift Controller, a controller for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 that featured programmable paddles and swappable thumbsticks of different heights. Today Evil Controllers would like to share their new website, which unlocks even greater customization options for the controller. Some of these options are listed below.

  • Add a customized tagline and/or graphic to the Evil Shift skin.
  • Pick a faceplate from 49 designs, in colors such as Green Splatter, Blue/Silver Carbon Fiber, Red Skullz and more.
  • Choose in-game paddle remapping preference, either remappable or hardwired.
  • Select controller grip preference, in options such as factory black or pro grip (in black, white, green or blue).
  • Elect to have the sensitive buttons and hairpin triggers combo (or leave it off).
  • Customize left and right sticks in small, medium and tall (or choose the original equipment from the manufacturer).
  • Get creative with the button color and trim package: The ABXY buttons, D-Pad and LED can all be customized individually.

The website’s UI allows for quick design of your individual controller, making it incredibly easy to have a unique looking controller with customizable input options.