Take a Look at the $1,300 Disgaea Refine Collector’s Edition in Japan

Yes that number is indeed correct or at least close to the conversion of 150,000 yen into dollars. While Disgaea has a decent sized following in the west, that is nothing compared to its fanbase in Japan if this collector’s edition is any indication. The reason for this price is due to the laser engraved crystal board featuring characters from every title in the series’ fifteen years of history. It does also appear to come with a soundtrack and calendar, but they only make up a small portion of the overall price of the crystal board. This item is for the most hardcore of fans and will be worth it to someone out there but is only available to purchase through Ebten’s site.

Most people won’t be willing to part with $1,300 for this collector’s edition, but fortunately we can still enjoy the pictures below to admire from afar: