Unexplored: Unlocked Edition to Dungeon Dive Onto Switch

One of the nice things about indies making the trek to the Nintendo Switch is the occasional announcement of a game that’s both a bit of a surprise and a perfect fit for the system.  Unexplored is a dungeon-crawler roguelike that came out on PC last year and has seen a number of updates and free DLC come out ever since.  Design a character’s looks, go into the dungeon, and survive as long as possible while beating on monsters with whatever equipment you find along the way.  It’s not the prettiest game out there but, before starting to write this, I poked in for a quick refresher and accidentally spent two hours playing.

The randomized dungeons have a good variety of challenges to them outside of the monsters wandering about, many of which you can turn to your advantage once you know how they work.  Opening a door into a room of pink fog is much less worrying when you realize carefully igniting it with a lit torch not only clears the haze but also toasts anything that may be hiding within.  Other times, you just have to realize that a swarm of spiders is better cleared off with a weapon that has a nice sweep to its attack even if your favorite spear has a nice magic bonus.  Careful progression and quick reflexes work with experience to make the discoveries of each new dungeon another step towards, just possibly, eventual survival, and even when you die you can choose to re-run the same map or generate a new one.

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition is coming out “very soon”, but to help with the wait there’s a new trailer below to give an overview of the dangers ahead.