Detroit: Become Human Demo Coming to PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment today announced a playable demo for their upcoming exclusive, Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dream’s latest action-adventure title is still a month away from launch, but players can get an early taste starting today. A demo for Detroit: Become Human releases tomorrow, April 24 on the PlayStation Store for free, allowing players to try a scenario from the main game.

In the demo, players can try out the hostage rescue scenario Quantic Dream is so fond of showing. You play as Connor who is sent into a crime scene to rescue a girl being held hostage by a rogue android. How you choose to rescue her is up to you. Collect clues, piece together a puzzle, and appeal to the android’s emotions, or find a way to execute him. The choices are all yours, and provide a small taste of what to expect from the full game.

Detroit: Become Human is out May 25 on PS4.