Pre-Orders Now Available for FlintHook and Mercenary Kings on Switch

Limited Run Games has released pre-orders for both FlintHook and two versions of Mercenary Kings in physical form on Switch. Both FlintHook and Mercenary Kings will set you back $29.99 – while a special edition tribute treasure box for Mercenary Kings, Flinthook, and extra content will set you back $89.99 when that becomes available again at 6PM EST. This version comes with reversible covers for both games and a comic book for Mercenary Kings. There is also a treasure box steelbox that will hold both games, and soundtrack CDs are included for both alongside 12 x 24 posters for both games. These games give you a mixture of fast-paced platforming with FlintHook and a more focused and methodical variant of Metal Slug’s formula with Mercenary Kings.