Apex Construct Journeys from the Digital Realm to Physical

It’s always the way in the post-robopocalypse- one moment you’re trapped in a dimensional rift, the next you’re the last human on the planet as Fathr and Mothr scheme against each other.  And what kind of high-tech future gear works best against their metal subordinates?  Just the timeless classic set of bow & arrow, of course.  Apex Construct is a VR-exclusive adventure in a broken, twisted world that’s still got blue skies and fresh air even if it’s notably short of people outside of the remains of their buildings.  The robots occasionally patrolling the levels are a problem, of course, but is something can be solved by shooting it in the face with an arrow really a problem or more of an opportunity?  Explore the ruins of a formerly-functional world, don’t trust your overseer, and re-explore earlier levels with new upgrades to uncover all the secrets that got lost or buried in the war between Mothr and Fathr.

Apex Construct originally came out digitally on PS4 and did quite well for itself, becoming a fan-favorite thanks to a combination of being full-featured VR adventure designed specifically for the format and also being quite good.  Its time as a digital-only download is about over, though, seeing as today it was announced that the game has earned itself a full retail release.  It’s still a bit of a way off, not showing up until June, but it’s always good to see another title make the jump to a format that won’t disappear when its servers shut down.