Tenzou DLC Joins the Fray in Mighty Gunvolt Burst with its 1.4 Update

An all-new update to Mighty Gunvolt Burst adds a brand new character to its DLC lineup. This game has seen a slew of characters added to its roster since its initial release, but Tenzou has never been featured in any entry in the Mighty series to date. He offers up a more human approach to the playable roster and changes up the core gameplay a bit. He can slide, much like the post-Mega Man 3 Mega Man games and gains the ability to crouch and shoot. Ekoro can also save him from falling by lifting him up while Pakako helps him aim homing shots at foes. You can download him now for $1.99 on the eShop, and play through Mighty Gunvolt Burst in yet another new way.