Customizable College Football Game Gridiron Champions Aiming for 2020 Release

Miss playing EA’s NCAA Football on a yearly basis? There’s a workaround coming from a small developer named IMV Gaming. Gridiron Champions, also being published by Big Ant Gaming, will look to be the cure for ailing college football fans in 2020. Yes, that’s two years to go, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. According to IMV, the game will be easily customizable and contain 126 generic universities. The game will also allow player uniforms, stadiums, fan atmosphere and pageantry to be customized through a unique experience. Most importantly, the main focus is that this will be a true college football game throughout the experience.

Dating back to May 2017, players have purchased Gridiron Champions as a pre-launch title. The team has financial backing from an investment group. There will be no licensing costs for the game, but the legal team is testing the waters on how to import logos and mascots into the game. Ed O’Bannon, who’s now sitting pretty thanks to the settlement that ended college sports games, won’t have any reason to come after this game. The court never said EA couldn’t make college games, but the process involved was deemed to be too much to be profitable. With Gridiron Champions, the team will need to capture both the essence of the college football experience and the ability to have a gameplay engine with visuals that at least mirror what EA did with its franchise. Only time will tell. Gridiron Champions will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If any investors are interested in further backing the game, the breakdown of what is available is listed here.