Blazing on Colorful Trails with Trailblazers

In a fun-filled announcement trailer Rising Star Games and Supergonk showed off a high-speed racer, Trailblazers, coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch with a release date to be announced.

Trailblazers is looking to put the fun back in co-operative racing with its own innovative on-track mechanic; having players paint the track with a color of their choosing to hit those sweet boosts in which players will work as a team to win.

Races will consist of 3v3 teams in a world full of colorful circuits. If racing already sounds hard enough just add laying down paint while doing it to really spice things up, much like Splatoon this will involve capturing key areas on the track to dominate the other team.

See the full trailer below and get ready to race and paint your way to victory: