Pick Up Special Xerneas and Yveltal for Pokémon Sun and Moon in May

The Legendary Pokémon keep rolling. The month of May is already upon us and with that comes two more Pokémon to capture. Xerneas and Yveltal from the sixth generation of games are available from May 4 until May 27.

Depending on which games you are adding them to, each version gives you something different. Pokémon Sun has Yveltal at level 60 while Xerneas is in Moon at the same level. In Ultra Sun you will receive a level 100 Yveltal along with a Gold Bottle Cap and the same goes for Xerneas in Ultra Moon. All of them have unique attacks but will fit right in on your team.

Visit participating GameStop stores during the designated time frame to pick up a code card and download them into your game. In addition to these, Xerneas and Yveltal will be prominently featured in the Pokémon Duel mobile game.