Spartan Fist Ready to Punch a Release Date With New Trailer

Punching things is underrated.  So often games rely on guns, swords, and a million other weapons that the satisfaction of hauling off and belting something is forgotten.  That’s not a problem for Spartan Fist, though, which puts you behind the raised dukes of a down and out detective-turned-gladiator in a first-person semi-roguelike arena brawler.  Different fighting stances effect how your punches deal damage, new fists punch in a variety of ways, and dips add status effects to the hand they’re applied to.  There’s a lot of ways to punch someone, and if they fly apart in a voxel-blood fountain it’s still a bizarrely cute dismemberment.

Spartan Fist just got a release date today with its announcement trailer, and it will be showing up May 15 to let you punch dudes so hard they explode.  Check out the trailer below to see it in action.