Capcom Releases Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Retrospective Series of Videos

It’s hard to believe Street Fighter is thirty years old, and Capcom is celebrating this milestone by releasing Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, giving us all an excuse to purchase Street Fighter II yet again. Street Fighter is one of the biggest fighting game franchises in the world, and in those thirty years the series has given us about fifteen games between Street Fighter I-V and several others in the Alpha series, EX Plus Alpha series and numerous crossovers with Tekken and the Marvel Universe.

A person’s age or when they started gaming probably has the biggest influence of what entry was their introduction to Street Fighter (or what point they left off), so to bring everyone up to speed Capcom has released the first in a series of retrospective videos, this one focusing on Street Fighter and Street Fighter II. Street Fighter made its debut in 1987, but its popularity didn’t explode until 1991 when Street Fighter II (the first of five Street Fighter II titles) hit the arcade. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is scheduled to launch May 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch and contains twelve classic Street Fighter arcade titles.