Construct a Skybound Kingdom in Volantia

The world used to be a nice place and then it wasn’t any more, but that was ok.  The inhabitants escaped to the sky, where everything was lovely again for a very long time until, again, it wasn’t any more.  Complacency is a perfect breeding ground for entropy, as it turns out.  Now with the land little more than a handful of hexes holding a few remaining buildings it’s almost over, except for the black obelisk a sky-island over.  With one last piece of land available to bridge the gap the survivors build a road to the monument and activate it, stabilizing their home and providing a solid base to try to rebuild what was lost.

Volantia is a peaceful game of strategic world-building and resource harvesting, without an enemy faction in sight.  Each new piece of land discovered must be rotated and placed to maximize access, because minions need roads and a gap in the terrain where the hexes didn’t fit together properly is as unhelpful to travel as a forest, lake, or mountain.  Forests are as much resource as obstacle, though, and when depleted they become open terrain you can build on or travel through.  As time goes by and the tech tree fills in there are more and more uses for the bounty of the world, but the land isn’t stable and new monuments need to be found to keep the land from crumbling out of the sky.  Once an island is placed it’s there for good, so it’s important to make sure there’s a clear path as you expand outward while simultaneously building your civilization and keeping it aloft.

Volantia launched on Steam today with the traditional launch trailer to entice you into its peaceful skies.  Sometimes it’s nice to build without worrying about who’s knocking at the door to tear it all down as you tend your civilization/garden in the sky.