Vampyr’s New Gameplay Trailer Shows You Becoming the Monster

With only a month to go until Focus Home Interactive and developers Dontnod release their new supernatural action-RPG Vampyr, our anticipation is now still being ramped up even more by the new gameplay trailer released today, entitled “Becoming the Monster.” As one might expect, things are tough for someone who has just been reluctantly turned into a vampire in a diseased Victorian London, especially with mysterious forces egging you on, as the clip below shows.

While the trailer once again brings up the dilemma of our hero Dr. Jonathan Reid having to choose which victims to satisfy his new blood lust (with each one having consequences in the game’s world), the focus this time around is on combat, highlighting the various skills and powers Reid gains from each drink that he can use against angry mobs or additional otherworldly threats. It all looks quite impressive, and only gets us more excited for June 5, when Vampyr hits PC, XB1, and PS4.