Suda51 to Make ‘Special Announcement’ At This Year’s MomoCon

The ever-popular and renowned game director Goichi Suda — better known by his alias Suda51 — is certainly making the rounds of the world’s roster of conventions and events and not long after visiting London in support of Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, Suda will be travelling back over the figurative pond State-side, where he’ll be in attendance at this year’s MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s been unveiled that as part of one of the many panels this year, he’ll be making a “special announcement” alongside members of NIS America on May 26.

It’s unclear whether this is a new project, a returning project or some manner of partnership/relationship with Nippon Ichi, but needless to say we’re as intrigued about this as anybody else. Killer7 remaster please.