Bungie Shows Off PlayStation Exclusive Strike ‘Insight Terminus’

For those looking for any bit of information on the upcoming Destiny 2: Warmind expansion which releases May 8, PlayStation Underground put out a video of the exclusive strike for PS4 called Insight Terminus.

Warmind will come with three total strikes which includes the Sony exclusive Insight Terminus. The strike will take players back to Nessus to stop the Cabal from devious plans. Much of the video revolves around discussion of weapon balance changes, specifically for exotics. Suros Regime is back from D1 and doing what it does best. Bungie is extremely dedicated to making exotics feel like the exotics. They have been play-testing every change that is being made due to D2 struggling with weapon balance since release.

Another main portion of the conversation focuses on the upcoming PvE public event found on Mars, Escalation Protocol, and how Bungie is changing the game to get players to keep playing and have fun doing it. There is such a thing as too many Ogres, apparently.

Sit back relax and watch the full video below. They take it slow and discuss some good things along the way while showing off the new strike. See you May 8, Guardian: