Screenshot Saturday Featuring Etherborn, Nom Nom Apocalypse, Many More

And it’s back!  After a month down to deal with the incredible showing at this year’s PAX East, the Screenshot Saturday weekly feature returns in full force to take a look at what the day had to offer.  Each week (minus those in April) this feature pulls at least a dozen images from the hundreds posted during the day as a tiny cross-section of what’s available.  There are more games being created at various stages of talent and polish than one would believe possible, and at the very least Screenshot Saturday is a good indicator of how much there is to learn.  This week kind of grew out of hand, though, so lets get straight to it.

Nimbatus- Build drones and explore the galaxy with them, using whatever you’ve created to survive the shooty swarms of space. Since its Kickstarter the game has added resource-gathering, and apparently giant horrible tentacled space serpents that you can only hope are too big to notice you as well.

Delineation- Not quite Qix but with noticeably Qix-ish elements. Draw over the white lines to turn them blue, and avoid the red because red = bad! The little plus icons give the cursor the ability to leave its one-dimensional worlds to the freedom of 2D, but it still needs to be careful of the dangers roaming there.

Spartan Fist- Arena fighting is already bloody enough without extra help, but when you add a subway and fire jets it gets completely out of hand. Also, yes, that is a group of two bunnies piloting the robo-body, but you can see their bubble-helmet flying safely away when they get flambéd.

Odium: To the Core- Dark single-button musical side-scroller. Hold the button to go up, let go for down, and try to collect the orbs while every single shadowy hazard tries to make you dead.

Noita- Everything is destructible, everything interacts. The wizard is journeying through side-scrolling roguelike levels figuring out how everything fits together so as not to blow itself up, which can be harder than it looks. In this case the broken pipe was leaking gas, and getting away before the explosion from the black hole ignited everything was integral to the plan’s success.

Nightstar Alliance- Command a battlecruiser through space in VR, creating an alliance with rescued Commanders to add their skills to your ship. Your ship really is a beast of a fighter, it’s just that the dreadnought it’s up against is huge beyond all reason. The latest version is available at

What the Golf?- It’s like golf but not really, except for the bits that are kind of golf-ish. Hit what’s usually but not always a ball while carefully measuring force to get it where you want to go. Or not, if it’s funnier to smack a golfer into an exploding barrel.

Unnamed- While a good gun isn’t necessarily defined by lighting and lots of particles the best guns would never let this kind of important detail go overlooked.

Swarmlake- I’ll admit I didn’t think much of this one initially but the constant updates have transformed the game into an intense explosion of pure hyperactive action. 10,000 enemies attack, you’ve got a high-speed rifle and shotgun to disperse them. It’s fairly simple but has hidden tricks to let you get a bit farther each time, or at least die with more knowledge of how you could have avoided it.

Etherborn- Puzzle-platformer where gravity is defined by the surface. While you can’t put a foot on a wall and walk up it, if there’s a curve connecting the two surfaces you can walk from one to the other with gravity cheerfully making the transition. Etherborn is currently running on Fig.

Skellboy- A skeleton roams the land doing heroic skeleton things. The voxel-art in this does a particularly nice job of looking like a 2D game brought to life with fat pixels, and the giant semi-dino Suzy looks great with her multi-layered appendages.

Unnamed- The lighting is nice but the background is fantastic. Detailed and intricate without being cluttered.

Balanceleot- Bennet Foddy has a lot to answer for. If the art looks a bit flat here, it looks a lot better when seen bigger as the detailing is more obviously based on the medieval style.  Available on

Unnamed- Precision platformer of some type. While it looks initially plain the color-shifting and movement effects make the action pop, and the part near the end with the geometric design provides a good contrast to the simpler shapes that make up the level.

Nom Nom Apocalypse-  In a city overrun by vicious foods of death the only protection comes from a band of food workers rising up against the caloric invaders.  While it’s generally more twin-stick shooter than brawler it’s never smart to underestimate the pure bludgeoning power of a rolling pin.

Onslaught VR-  Blow up things.  Blow up lots of things.  Blow up more lots of things.  Control an aerial gun platform to take down the invaders, who could have walked away with a nice profit from Earth if only they didn’t try to be jerks about it.  As the tweet says, the open beta is looking for testers.

Mineko’s Night Market-  It comes with a kitty garden and is therefore the best farming game ever, even if it’s actually about showing up on an island and running a store in an adorable life-sim.

Bonus Image

Röki- The ghosts of the past really should have the common decency to remain dead, but sometimes the memories just can’t resist a chance to make you feel awkward all over again.