KyKy Finds a Home in Houston

Kyle “KyKy” Souder has officially been named to the coaching staff of the Houston Outlaws.

After coaching the most successful NA team on Korean Soil and having them believed to be one of the best Overwatch to play before the Overwatch League began, Kyle Souder was let go from the Dallas Fuel/Team EnVy.

It’s no surprise why. After the season officially began there was nothing but disappointment coming from the Fuel team. They haven’t nearly lived up to expectations and seemingly imploded. Not that this was the fault of one single person, but more than likely a myriad of issues coming to the head of the most challenging season any player in Overwatch has ever had. These are the best of the best after all.

So, with Fuel getting a fresher start and still looking to find themselves, so too does KyKy with a squad that is doing well. Hopefully, they stay on that trend and get better with his guidance as we enter Stage 4 and the real OWL season begins.