Moonlighter Receives a Super Official Platforms Comparison Trailer

11 bit Studios and developer Digital Sun Games are releasing Moonlighter on all major platforms later this month, and the Zelda-inspired roguelike/item shop simulator is one on our radar, as we’ve previously discussed. But which version of the game should you actually get? Well, thanks to a new trailer, you can compare the game on each platform and choose for yourself! Be it particles, realistic physics, volumetric smoke or real time water simulation, the clip below will let you see each version side by side so you can pick the best one!

Okay, in reality, it’s a bit of a joke trailer, in case you somehow couldn’t figure that out by watching it, with the honest message at the end being that the developers love all players on all platforms equally (though odds are at least one jerk in the YouTube comments will try to non-jokingly claim that one platform looks better). It also shows off a bit more of the gameplay, which still contains what looks like some fun action, and we’ll see if that is indeed the case when Moonlighter comes out on May 29.