Crack the Earth and Moon in Fly Punch Boom! Trailer

Everything breaks when hit hard enough- vehicles, buildings, satellites, planets, you name it.  Punch a tough enemy with enough force and anything in their path just adds to the damage of the hit as they plow on through.  Fly Punch Boom! is pure hyperactive anime-style fighting madness fused with Looney Tunes exuberance, where two combatants take to the air to pummel each other into cartoony piles of pulp.  The camera zooms in for the hard hits then pulls way, way, way out when a fighter is punched clear around the world, and everything in the arena is another possible tool to add to the chaos.  Punch a satellite to activate its tentacle-arm, slam into a building to send chunks of it flying into your opponent, or just bounce them off the planet until one or the other shatters.  The goal isn’t just to win, but to have a blast being as over-the-top as possible while doing it.  An attack doesn’t have to be sane so long as it’s effective.

Fly Punch Boom! is currently in development to come out on PC at some random point this year.  Check out the trailer below to see how completely ridiculous cartoon brawling can be when all attempts at sanity have been met with glorious failure.