Milestone Announce Third Entry in Ride Series, Releasing This November

A little over a year after the release of the sequel, developers Milestone have confirmed that their motorcycle-based racing series, Ride, will be back for a third outing in Ride 3. With a switch to Unreal Engine 4, Ride 3 will feature more than 230 bikes, a total of 30 tracks — with 12 new tracks being added to the roster — as well as improved customization features alongside a revised career mode tailored specifically to particular bike manufacturers and even race tracks themselves.

The 2017 sequel, Ride 2, while not perfect certainly felt like a step-up and respectable improvement on the predecessor so here’s hoping the formula can be further refined and added to with this year’s release. Ride 3 will be available across PS4, Xbox One & PC on November 8. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below.