Overwatch Counts Down to Anniversary Event with Skin Reveals

It’s that time of year again where we frantically prepare ourselves (and our wallets) for another Overwatch event. With the event beginning next week on May 22nd, Blizzard decided to kick off the festivities early by teasing two new skins for the event. In a couple Tweets today, the official Overwatch page revealed a new Epic “Venom Soldier” skin for everyone’s favorite Overwatch Dad: Soldier 76. Additionally it looks like Tracer is going to go fast in a new Epic “Lightning Tracer” skin. Fans brimming with anticipation have been speculating other potential skins, like a possible Junkrat Pirate skin seen in a previous announcement video launched a couple days ago. The most interesting tidbit, however, was revealed by Overwatch Godfather and Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, in the most recent Developer Update video, “There are some really great cosmetic items too. I know you all love hearing about those. There are eight Legendary Skins, and we think they’re really impressive. They’re for some of our favorite Heroes. One in particular, because you always like a hint, there’s a certain dapper-looking gentleman that you very much asked us to see what he would look like in formal wear. He will be coming to this Anniversary Event.”

Could Papa Jeff be referring to a Tuxedo Doomfist? The Talon leader does have a spray indicating his love for bow-ties, however nothing has been officially confirmed outside of this hint. This Anniversary event also boasts a new type of Loot Box where it’s possible to receive items from any of the previous seasonal events in addition to a guaranteed Anniversary item. This is the opportunity to get those previous event skins we might have missed out on. In addition to new skins, previous skins, and cosmetic items, previous seasonal Brawls will be available for play (e.g, Mei’s Snowball Fight, Junkenstein’s Revenge, etc.) in the Arcade. Overwatch Anniversary 2018 will begin on May 22nd through June 11th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.