Don’t Forget to Check Out Forgotton Anne’s Launch Trailer

Last week, we reviewed Forgotton Anne, the new cinematic adventure/platformer from Square Enix Collective and developers Throughline Games. As you can see, we ended up being won over by the game’s sense of wonder and gorgeous visuals, among other things. And now the animated gem has officially been released for everyone else to check out as well, accompanied by a brand new launch trailer that you can check out below, as always.

Set in the Forgotton Lands, a dimension made out of various lost or forgotten items from our world, the game focuses on the titular Anne as she and her friend Master Bonku attempt to find their way home with the assistance of the Forgotlings, various creatures made out of lost objects brought to life. As seen in the clip, this journey will involve tough choices, a chunk of platforming, and some amazing cutscenes. Forgotton Anne is available now for PC, XB1, and PS4, and is definitely worth checking out.