XSEED Announces Quartet of Titles Including Gal Metal and Gungrave VR

Somehow it’s almost time for E3, which means publishers are announcing their pending releases now so as not to get lost in the mad shuffle of the giant press event.  Today it’s XSEED’s turn to blow the curtains off its upcoming releases, and they’ve got a fantastic lineup ahead made up of music, action-RPG, the return of a PS2-era legend, and the sequel to a fan-favorite horror adventure.  It’s a lot to take in, but the handy trailer down below does a nice summary.  For those who like words, though-

Leading the pack simply because it’s a personal favorite is Gal Metal, the drumming game for Nintendo Switch.  Unlike a standard music game the point isn’t to hit a note track but rather shake the joy-cons to create your own beat.  A group of high-school girls are kidnapped by aliens and must band (ha!) together to rock their faces off.  Next up is Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity on PC, bringing the action-RPG to Steam from its former PS4-only home.  The update contains more bullets than this genre is normally known for (Nier excepted) thanks to its brand-new Bullet Hell mode.  Game the third is Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient for PC, taking the creepy adventure from the original’s high school setting into a near-abandoned hospital.  Explore and try to escape while solving puzzles, and discover how poor Ayame ended up locked up with all these not-quite-zombies. The last game on the list is Gungrave VR for PS4, bringing back the giant lumbering death-beast with an updated look to go with the new tech.  Levels switch between third- and first-person action, and contain all of Grave’s signature moves in a direct sequel to the original two games of the long-dormant series.

It’s quite the diverse lineup, but also fitting for a publisher as eclectic as XSEED.  Dividing up the categories there are three sequels, two ports, no genre duplication, and everything is 100% Japanese.  There are also two physical editions in for the console games of Gal Metal and Gungrave VR, making the collectors happy. Check them out in the announcement trailer below.