Kid-Friendly Twin-Stick Shooter Sleep Tight Gains New Trailer, Release Date

Remember the thrills of constructing your own indoor forts as a kid, or the chills that came from having to deal with the monster you thought was under the bed? Well, developers We Are Fuzzy sure do, and their initial outing Sleep Tight sees them capturing those feelings in the form of a twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements. Judging from what’s been shown off so far, it looks like they may have a potential hit on their hands, and they’re ready to see how their first game fares this July, with the release date recently announced.

With the release date announcement comes a new trailer, of course, which you can check out below. Aside from showing off more of the gameplay, it also give some quick highlights to a few of the unlockable kids that you can play as as they prepare to fight the invading denizens of the night, each with their own unique perks. It seems like another great entry for the classic genre’s lineup, and we’ll see if that is indeed the case when Sleep Tight comes out for the Switch and PC on July 26.