DICE Shuts Down Battlefield V Controversy by Saying Women are Here to Stay

Battlefield V was revealed earlier this week, and, while the majority of games were excited by what DICE showed, a handful were upset over some inclusions.

Battlefield V is striving to be the Battlefield game that really allows players to play the way they want to. Not only will players be able to customize their weapons with attachments and camos, but also their character. Players can adorn different gear and camos and even choose to play as female soldiers. It’s this last part that has created quite the controversy, despite the fact that women fighting in World War II is a well documented fact. Still, this hasn’t stopped some players from demanding that DICE remove female characters from the game, something they will not do.

Taking to Twitter, DICE’s general manager Oskar Gabrielson shutdown those players by saying female characters and player choice will remain in the game. He said Battlefield has always been about playing the way you want, and included a silly gif of three players trying to ride a horse while wielding flamethrowers.

If this ‘controversy’ sounds familiar, it’s because it is. These same criticisms were levied against Call of Duty: WWII when it was revealed you could play as female and African American soldiers. Sledgehammer Games also refused to budge on the issue, and players had numerous options to customize their character when Call of Duty: WWII finally launched.

Battlefield V is out October 19 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.