Learn Eleven Facts About Moonlighter With This Handy Trailer

Digital Sun and 11 bit Studios’ much-anticipated Zelda-esque roguelike/business simulator hybrid Moonlighter comes out next week, and if you aren’t prepared for it yet (despite us having devoted three different previews to the game that you should check out), then they have you covered with a handy new trailer to catch you up to speed. In it, eleven facts about the game are revealed to help act as a primer for it, which you can naturally check out below.

The clip goes over everything you need to know in preparing for our hero Will’s journey from shopkeeper to shopkeeper/adventurer, such as the combat, various dungeons, crafting and enchantments, potential investments, store upgrades, and more. It does a particularly good job in showing off almost everything that the game has to offer, so here’s hoping that the final version plays just as well as it looks. Moonlighter hits PC, XB1, and PS4 on May 29, so keep an eye out for it.