New Cuphead Content Likely to Make Appearance at E3 2018

After years in the making, Cuphead turned out to be a massive success upon its release. It took numerous appearances at past E3 conventions to get everyone hyped for the artistic platforming phenomenon. Now, there is likely to be something new revealed during E3 2018.

A couple of different factors are leading to this assumption. We already knew extra content is on the way for Cuphead thanks to Studio MDHR’s Maja Moldenhauer’s interview during the Xbox One X launch back in November. Then, just a week ago, the pop culture collectible company Funko revealed an exclusive Cuphead-themed shirt will be available at E3 2018. However, we don’t know exactly what it looks like as of right now. But during Funko’s podcast they mention what it looks like and features something “top secret,” have a listen around the 32 minute mark.

So, since the image of a shirt is not going to be known until E3, it makes sense that it contains a spoiler for future content. Whether it has Mugman front and center for his own singles adventure or new bosses and characters is yet to be determined. Those in attendance will get to check it out in person while other fans are going to have to wait and see what’s new for Cuphead.