Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 2 Recap

Stage 4 is getting weird. The standings so far are extremely different from that of the last stages, and while it is still early, the matchups so far have indicated that some teams are gaining their footing, while others are losing theirs.

First up this week was the Boston Uprising and the Dallas Fuel, the latter of whom shocked everyone with their 3-0 victory. That’s right — the team that was second-to-last place in Stage 3 beat the Boston Uprising, who went undefeated in Stage 3 save for the finals. While Boston did give some of their second string players a shot against the Fuel, the bulk of the roster stayed the same, meaning Dallas went up against a near fully stacked Uprising and were still able to take home the win. This trend for both teams would continue throughout the week.

Next up we had an unsurprising outcome from the LA Valiant and Florida Mayhem match, with LA taking the 3-1 victory. After that was another unsurprising win from the LA Gladiators, who took down the Houston Outlaws 3-1. While the Outlaws have been looking good this Stage and last, the Gladiators have been on a warpath, chewing through everyone they come across.

Day two started with the London Spitfire taking on the San Francisco Shock. It was a close game, with the first two rounds going to London, then two going to San Francisco, but the Spitfire came out with the win in game five. London struggled last Stage while San Francisco has been getting better, so they are quite evenly matched at this point.

The LA Gladiators and the Florida Mayhem fought it out next, with that Gladiators coming out as victors, 4-0. The Philadelphia Fusion then did the same against the Shanghai Dragons.

Friday started out with a tight matchup of the LA Valiant and the Boston Uprising, with rounds one and two going to LA and the second two to Boston. Game five was on Nepal, where the Boston Uprising fell once more in week two. This puts Boston in ninth place with a 0 and 4 record.

Both of the next two games ended in a 4-0 score, with New York taking out the Seoul Dynasty and the San Francisco Shock taking victory over the Houston Outlaws. The Shock once again showing how much they’ve improved.

Saturday saw a close matchup between the Seoul Dynasty and the London Spitfire with London coming out on top. This puts Seoul at 0 and 4, and London at 2 and 2. The New York Excelsior then took a 4-0 win over the Shanghai Dragons.

The final match of the week was surprising, with the Dallas Fuel taking another win for the week over the Philadelphia Fusion. They went 3-1, with Philly only able to take game 3. Philadelphia was playing their second string tanks, Hotba and Sado, so that could have been part of it, but it was a sure effort from Dallas, which led to them taking out another of one of the best teams in the League.

It’s crazy to see the Fuel taking names this week. They were in second-to-last place throughout Stage 3 going 1 and 9. So far this Stage, they are 3 and 1 and have risen to fifth place. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this Stage, as it is the final Stage before the inaugural season’s playoffs and could shake things up for everyone. Stay tuned for more as the final Stage continues on Wednesday.