Amusement Park Splatoon 2 Stage Coming Soon

Splatoon 2 is all about new content in the last couple months and weeks to come. The inclusion of Rank X allows for even the most skilled players to break a sweat. Meanwhile, the Octo Expansion single-player mode will be downloadable starting in July. However, even more surprises are popping up for everyone to enjoy.

A brand new stage has been announced and it could cause a roller coaster of emotions. Wahoo World will be coming to the game on June 1. It shows off a Ferris Wheel along with various rides and attractions. You can even see background characters enjoying themselves. Both sides will have plenty of room in their home turf areas before converging into a circular pit. You may end up going on a wild ride during battle as the center rotates and becomes detached.

Check out the images below to learn a little more about Wahoo World. Start plotting your route around this amusement park which is sure to be a great adventure!