God of War Director Explains Lack of Bosses in Latest Game

Game director Cory Barlog has addressed why there were so few bosses in God of War.

The God of War franchise is famous for it’s slick combat, moody protagonist, violence towards Greek and, now, Norse mythological creatures, and it’s bosses. The series has continually delivered stellar boss fights across it’s entries on PS2, PS3, and PSP, and expectations were high for its debut on PS4. While God of War does deliver a few spectacular boss fights, there are definitely less than God of War II or III. According to Cory Barlog, there’s a good reason for that.

Speaking with GamingBolt, Barlog revealed that a lot of boss fights were cut during development due to time constraints. He explained that each boss required 15-20 people working on it for over a year. While he would have loved to include more bosses, it would have taken even longer to release the game.

Barlog also hinted that God of War was always supposed to be smaller in scope than either God of War II or God of War III.  Bringing up the original God of War, Barlog noted that the game featured only three boss fights (the hydra, Minotaur, and Ares) as it was the entry into Greek mythology. God of War III, however, was the swan song for the mythology and went all out to close all possible plot threads. As God of War is the entry to Norse mythology, Barlog was focused on bringing players into the setting. Future titles could always feature a lot more bosses.

God of War is available now on PS4. While the game didn’t have a lot of boss fights, it’s still an excellent game.