NBA Live 19 Not Incorporating Frostbite Engine

NBA Live 18 ended up being a winner for Electronic Arts this past year. The game managed to bring over fans from a stale NBA 2K franchise. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Executive Producer Seann Graddy mentioned that NBA Live 19 would not be using the Frostbite Engine. Frostbite is currently being used in the Madden NFL series as it continues to revolutionize the gameplay of that series. Both NBA Live and Madden will share feature-related technology at EA Tiburon.

This year’s game also looks to be a more balanced offering with a focus on gameplay. The One was a winning career mode for NBA Live 18, but the franchise mode lacked the depth of the competition. NBA Live 18 played a very good game of basketball and with the team building on that, it maybe a while before Frostbite graces the court of the NBA Live franchise.