Rumor: What Genre is Fallout 76?

Of course, take the following with the appropriate amount of salt. Our source is completely anonymous, to the point that we cannot verify the veracity of their claims of being a Bethesda employee. However, this same source also correctly spoke of the existence of Rage 2 weeks before the Walmart leak, and gave the name of Fallout 76 at the same time. Because of this, the following seems worth at least mentioning, at least, for speculation’s sake. According to this same person, Fallout 76 will be a title akin to the survival game, Rust.

This information does fall in line with what little else we’ve been given in the form of corroborated or official information. Kotaku has reported that the game will be “an online game of some sort.” Meanwhile, the trailer itself advises “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.” Seems pretty obvious in retrospect. The rumored mountain setting is also fitting for a game about scrounging for resources, building shelter, and working with (or against) other people to make it another day.

While some might be disappointed that the title isn’t a new RPG in the style of the series since Fallout 3, this isn’t the first time the series has explored other genres. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel turned some heads with its challenging gameplay and robust turn based system, while the console based action/RPG, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, was at least entertaining for what it wanted to be. It seems we should be grateful that Fallout 76 isn’t called “Fallout Survive: Brotherhood of Steel (Appearance of Brotherhood of Steel Not Guaranteed)”, because, for no other reason, it would take too long to type. Of course, these spinoffs released while the series was still in Interplay’s hands.

Obviously, as more concrete information emerges, we will be there to pass it along. Bethesda’s press conference is set for June 10, starting at 6:30 PM PST. Feel free to bookmark this page to yell at us afterwards if we fell victim to an elaborate prank. The thing is, I really don’t think we did.