Vampyr Takes a Bite out of London in Launch Trailer

The latest installment in the vampire trend, Vampyr, has finally revealed its launch trailer in anticipation for its release date next week. The game is a narrative-driven action RPG from DONTNOD Entertainment (Remember Me, Life is Strange). Players will follow the story of freshly turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist who has just returned home to London following the Great War. A logical man, Reid’s pragmatic beliefs are flipped upside down upon his awakening to a secret vampire Illuminati and other ancient creatures that prowl the night in a London crumbling under the pressure of a terrible disease. Dr. Reid must navigate social structures and personal quests in order to fulfill his new destiny.

Every one of Vampyr’s citizens is part of an interconnected social web, where the fate of one citizen may impact the everyday life of others, as well as the direction of the overall narrative. Each citizen has their own story, life, personal background and each can be spared or sacrificed in Reid’s quest. Reid’s vampiric nature challenges players to make decisions on whether to kill or spare other characters. Being a vampire, however, means the fastest way to evolve and unlock new abilities is by drinking the blood of the living. Deadly encounters will plague Reid throughout the story and each citizen offers a tempting source of power, but at a cost.

Each of the four main city districts have a health status linked with the number of living, dead and sick citizens. By feeding sparingly and keeping the populace healthy with crafted medicines, players can control populations and maintain healthy areas. The game cautions players, however, because if health statuses drop too low, districts will be lost to supernatural creatures along with every quest, shop and citizen located there. If every London district falls, the game can still be played to completion, but with an ending fitting of the circumstance. Every action players take will either save or doom London.

Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check back soon for our review.