Creepy Card Game Cultist Simulator Gets a Launch Trailer

As the likes of Sunless Sea have shown, writer/designer Alexis Kennedy has mastered the art of crafting intriguing video games that put new spins on 1920s/Victorian era Lovecraft-esque horrors. Now having teamed up with Humble Bundle and developers Weather Factory, his latest game, Cultist Simulator, is now available, complete with a launch trailer below that shows you just how this minimalist journey into potential madness pays.

Set in the 1920s, the game sees you starting up your own cult (as the title obviously suggests) and then managing it and your unfolding tale through a roguelike card game where you’ll have to recruit believers and figure out what to with them, craft new tools and resources, evade the authorities, and unravel arcane mysteries that can lead you face to face with alien gods…you know, standard cult stuff. Cultist Simulator is available now on PC and may be something for fans of card games or unspeakable Eldritch horrors to check out.