Screenshot Saturday Featuring Super Meat Boy Forever, Jarvis, Many More

Screenshot Saturday keeps on going without an end in sight.  Every week developers post images and videos from games both familiar and new, and the entire experience reinforces the knowledge that there’s more talent and creativity making fantastic work than seems humanly possible.  I’ve been doing this feature weekly since September 2015 (with a month off each year for PAX East) and in that time have written about hundreds of games chosen from thousands of entries.  It was both a lot of work and a lot of fun, but this is my last one due to the real world getting in the way.  While this feature will continue it’s going on with me as reader rather than writer, which feels just a little weird.  Still, there’s one last one to go before my time is over, so here it is.

Primordials: Fireborn-  Action/adventure starring a young phoenix (bird-furry) out to discover his lost memories while beating on things and engaging a little platforming along the way.  It’s still a bit early to know the proportion of exploration to action, but with a giant crystal-covered gorilla in there it should work out fine.

Rigid Force Alpha-  Well there’s a familiar looking ship.  Fly left to right and shoot everything, storing up power to let loose massive bursts of firepower while using the indestructible option hanging around your nose to take out whatever gets past the bullets.

Kura5: Bonds of the Undying-  Fan-made game set in the world of Konami’s old Gameboy Color series Boktai, except instead of a solar sensor the game pings local weather.  As you can see here, a little rain won’t bother human bounty hunter Annie, but the vampire Emil isn’t quite so resistant in his normal state.

Wander in Wonder-  A little rabbit is lost in the woods and you need to guide him home.  The game is fully hand-animated, with the art looking like it was drawn in a cross between watercolor and marker.  It may be possible to be cuter but it’s hard to imagine how.

Doko Roko-  Grab a giant sword and attack the tower in an action-roguelike that jumps from colorful to moody and back again.  Sometimes the color is provided by the hyper-laser of a giant worm boss, cutting through the dim light and frantic hero with similar ease.

Unnamed-  You’re a giant cat swatting at the fleeing peasants while taking care to deal with the knights before they get a hit in. Because at some point in the history of game design someone realized that any form of logical structure was a needless sel-inflicted impediment and things spiraled out of control from there.

Jarvis-  Action Metroidvania where a hero with slick sword moves backed up by powerful magic takes on the evil that’s threatening the land.  Ok, so that’s hardly an original premise, but with moves like this that doesn’t turn out to be a major requirement.

Tough Growth-  A little square eats smaller squares, growing a bit with each one, until it’s big enough to eat everything on screen.  Except bullets and lasers, which find a large square a much easier target.  Link to the web browser version of the game in the tweet, and you can probably beat all 50 levels in about an hour or so.

Horizon Vanguard-  VR rail-shooter where you’re on an armed hoverbike with an overpowered pistol, using the bike’s guns to spray the enemies at ground level and picking off the aerial threats with more carefully aimed shots.  The ship in this shot is seen side-view, but seeing as the game is viewed over the handlebars of the bike then the cool half-twist flip it does most likely looks a little different in-game.

Beacon-  Science-fiction roguelike action on a hostile planet where clone after clone goes out to meet its doom.  On the plus side, each death is a new chance to warp your DNA into a new form, granting new skills, abilities, and other perks. Only the luckiest adventurers, however, will be able to fire a bonerang.

Ooblets-  Tend a garden and grow some monsters to take out battling.  More importantly, look sharp doing it and head out into the world with the confidence one can only get from when properly stylin’.

Super Meat Boy Forever-  Jump and punch in a non-endless runner that’s got more sawblades per square inch than most games have in their entire structure.  Meat Boy and Bandage Girl got married and had a child, so of course Dr. Fetus had to be a dick about it.  Each level is built from a random assortment of hand-built pieces, so maybe you’ll get to see sub-level 41 right off or maybe it might take a few tries to generate.

Manifold Garden- Architectural puzzles designed around impossible spaces and gravity manipulation.  You can walk on any surface, so long as you can get close enough to the wall to touch it and flip the environment around so it’s now the floor.  Trees grow in the garden and their fruit is used to activate switches that open new doors to areas where physics get even more seriously abused.  Buildings can be so much more interesting when the laws of causality are deregulated.

Bonus Image

Its Paperguy!-  And that’s the lot, I’m out of here, although not on a fold-up paper boat.  I’m never going to be that cool.