GOG Partners with Hardcore Gamer for 2018 Summer Gaming Sale

Summer was meant for gaming. From having a seemingly endless amount of time on your hands during summer vacation that needs filling to having no less free time on your hands in summer than other seasons as an adult, nothing is better than kicking back with a cold drink and the air conditioning blasting as you dive into the next great virtual world. But with summer also comes a lack of game releases meaning that you’ll need fresh games to play and what better way to acquire said games than on sale.

To assist with this, digital retailer GOG.com has today unveiled their #SUMMERGAMING sale that boasts over a thousand games up to 90% off. More still, spending just $5 unlocks a free copy of Sunless Sea while $20 nets RiME for free.

A thousand games can be a lot to sift through, though, which is why Hardcore Gamer has partnered with GOG to curate a list of games on sale that we can give our seal of approval to. The list can be seen on the homepage of GOG.com or directly right here.

While the sale ensures a good value, we hope that you can rest assured knowing you’ll also be walking away with a great game with the help of our list.