Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 3 Recap

As of Saturday, we are now over halfway through the final Stage of the inaugural Overwatch League season. The addition of Brigitte has shaken things up and we’re beginning to see some of her effects as some teams are thriving in the new meta, while others are struggling to find their footing.

Wednesday started the week off with a series of full sweeps, first with New York taking down Philadelphia 4-0. The Seoul Dynasty then 4-0’ed the Shanghai Dragons, and in the final battle for LA, the Valiant took out the Gladiators 3-0, which had the first round ending in a draw.

On Thursday, London and Boston started things out with a 2-1 game in London’s favor. Both teams were using their Brigitte comps and it showed just how much the Uprising is having a hard time adapting to her. Profit’s Brigitte was taking to the front lines of the fight, while Mistakes’ Brigitte just couldn’t seem to stay alive. This puts Boston at 0-6, after going undefeated in Stage 3.

Next up was the San Francisco Shock versus the Dallas Fuel. It was surprising how one-sided it was, with SF taking the series 3-1 because both teams have been doing so well in Stage 4. Mickie’s Brigitte has brought the Fuel out of their Stage 3 rut and boosted them all the way to fifth place. Dallas could still make it into the playoffs if they are able to outpace the climbing Shock. Philly then took another loss to the LA Gladiators, which went 3-1.

Friday began with the Houston Outlaws sweeping the Shanghai Dragons 3-0. The Dragons were able to hold their own in round two, but even that only got them a draw. Seoul then scored their second victory of the Stage against the Florida Mayhem, although it was a close game at 3-2. San Francisco then took their second victory of the day when they took down the Boston Uprising 3-1. This time Boston refrained from using Brigitte, but were unable to keep it together when Sinatraa flexed to her.

The final day of week three brought on the surprises as Dallas grounded the London Spitfire. The series went 3-1 as Mickie and the crew showed off how unstoppable their triple healer comp can be. In a stunning and close match, the LA Valiant were able to take on the New York Excelsior, winning 3-2. And finally, the last game of week three had the Houston Outlaws going up against the Florida Mayhem. Houston came out on top with a score of 3-1.

Stage 4 has been the craziest and most surprising one yet and it’s all thanks to Brigitte. Her versatility has changed the meta and each teams’ ability to shift with her have been either their new advantage or their downfall. Two more weeks and then begin the playoffs! Let us know who you think will make it all the way in the comments below.