Return to the Reef in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie today revealed the title of Destiny 2’s upcoming major expansion and teased it’s setting.

Tomorrow, at 9am PDT, Bungie will reveal it’s plans for Destiny 2 Year 2. That’ll include giving players their first look at the upcoming major expansion. Much like The Taken King, this expansion is expected to include a large new story, new Strikes, a new Raid, and lots of new gear to collect. It’s also expected to fix many of the issues that have plagued the game since launch, much like how The Taken King took great strides to rectify Destiny’s mistakes. Now, on the cusp of the announcement, Bungie have dropped a few teases.

The expansion will be called Destiny 2: Forsaken and will take players back to the Reef, the home of the Awoken. However, based on the short tease, it looks like something major went down at the Reef between the events of Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny 2. Based on the tease, the Reef appears to be in ruin. We’ll have to wait for the reveal stream to find out what happened.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn more about Destiny 2: Forsaken.