Slain Switch Pre-Orders Go Live From Signature Edition Games

Heavy metal and fantasy are all but inseparable, and make a perfect setting to slice up blood-drenched monsters in a pixel-art action platformer.  Slain initially came out on PC and had more than a few issues, but by the time the console versions rolled around it had been revamped into Slain: Back from Hell to become the game it had wanted to be from the start.  Bathoryn is an old, white-haired bad-ass tasked with defending the land when evil arises, but judging by the state of the place he’s run a bit late this time.  Skeletons and other hell-spawn have decimated the world, so Bathoryn rises from what for most people would be an eternal rest to cleanse the land with his sword.  Combat is fairly straightforward, with a multi-hit combo coming from the pounding the attack button, but a powerful strike can decimate enemies either by holding the attack and letting go with precise timing, or doing a perfect block and following up with a counterattack.  It’s nothing too complicated but satisfying to pull off, especially when combined with the over-the-top gothic environments and pounding metal guitar soundtrack.  The game came out back in 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and now it’s on the way to Switch.

While there will be a standard edition, the signature edition comes with a soundtrack plus a box to keep things together.  For pre-orders Signature Edition usually includes a coin, which makes a nice change from the standard trading cards other small-press publishers include, but for Slain: Back From Hell that’s been changed to a more appropriate guitar pick.  The game is currently available for pre-order from Signature Edition Games, and current plans call for shipping in July.