Get Puked On in VR with The Exorcist: Legion VR for PSVR

This has some real potential. As a fan and critic of virtual reality, I’ve often praised the potential that the format has while decrying the lack of ambition that so many titles have displayed. Fun Train and Wolf & Wood have a title that could break the mold, though, with The Exorcist: Legion VR for PlayStation VR. Based in the world created by William Peter Blatty, most famously the movie, the game tasks players to solve mysteries and delve into the supernatural. Sleuthing and exorcising demons is something that could work extremely well in virtual reality, and the dread and tension that the first movie and book evokes could be recreated with a deft hand.

It’s not like the barrier to entry will be low. This will be an episodic title, with five episodes that will launch at seven dollars a pop. Each episode promises approximately 25 minutes of gameplay, which is admittedly a tad low but still fair. Those that want to just buy the whole thing out right can snag the complete series for thirty. The “try before buying” folks can buy the first episode at regular price. If they like it, the rest can be purchased for twenty five. As expected, the release will be a tad staggered, but in a more unusual way. The first three episodes are set to launch June 19 and the other two will release a bit later this summer. Check out the trailer below.